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We Have A ScuttleButton Winner!

The only two places you haven't seen President Obama lately are on Fox News and in a ScuttleButton puzzle.

And that's not likely to change any time soon.

But we do have a new ScuttleButton winner to announce.

But first things first. You need to be reminded of how to play.

It's easy. Just check out my button puzzle each Friday. Take one word or one concept per button, add 'em up, and arrive at a familiar saying or a name. (Seriously: a saying that people from Earth might be remotely familiar with.) Submit your answer and hope you're the person chosen at random. That's it!

Oh wait. You MUST include your name and city/state to be eligible.

And also remember, the answer does not necessarily have to be political. For instance, the answer to a puzzle a while back was "Minnesota Twins" — not political at all, unless you're thinking Mondale and Humphrey instead of Killebrew and Oliva.

Here are last week's buttons, in case you forgot:

The Pope in Poland — ABC News button commemorating the 1979 visit by Pope John Paul II to the country of his birth.

Stand Up for America / Wallace for President — Former Alabama Gov. George Wallace made four bids for the White House; this one, his most influential bid, was as an independent in 1968.

Ringo Starr / STOP and Smell the Roses — A 1981 album release from the former Beatle.

So, when you add John Paul + George + Ringo, I have a feeling you might end up with ...

John, Paul, George and Ringo — some obscure rock band from the '60s, according to Wikipedia.

And this week's winner, chosen completely at random, is (drum roll) ... Bob Blythe of Tallahassee, Fla.

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