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Sen. Hutchison voted for the Bush plan to rescue the finance industry, not the Obama plan. hide caption

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Yesterday's post on the 2010 Texas gubernatorial race — focusing on the news that Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R) has sold her DC-area home (a further indication that she is indeed serious about her GOP primary challenge to Gov. Rick Perry) — needs two clarifications.

First, I wrote that she voted in favor of the Obama financial industry bailout; that was incorrect. She actually voted for the Bush plan — the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 — on Oct. 1 of that year, a bill that allowed the Treasury Secretary to purchase some $700 billion of troubled assets from banks and other financial institutions. It passed by a vote of 74-25. But she did not vote for any Obama economic bailout or stimulus package measures. (Yesterday's post has been changed to reflect that.)

And second, in listing Democratic candidates for governor of Texas, I omitted Hank Gilbert. Gilbert, his party's nominee for state Agriculture Commissioner in 2006, is a cattle rancher who is focused on improving state highway projects and fighting for private property rights.