NPR logo Junkie Readers Decide: It's Fox For Lou Dobbs

Junkie Readers Decide: It's Fox For Lou Dobbs

We're still awaiting the next move for Lou Dobbs, the opinionated talk-show host who ended his 29-year career at CNN last week.

The only announced change has come from CNN, which said that John King, the respected-if-straight-laced journalist, would replace Dobbs in its evening time spot.

But what of Dobbs' future? He hasn't said, though Junkie readers seem to know. In our completely unscientific question posed last week, 1,733 people responded, and a clear majority — 66 percent — expect Dobbs to join the Fox News Channel.

Here are the results:

Fox News Channel — 66% (1,149 votes)
Run for president as an independent — 8% (138 votes)
Demand to see Rickary Ricardo's birth certificate — 7% (113 votes)
Ambassador to Mexico in a Tom Tancredo administration — 4% (61 votes)
Link Melky Cabrera to the JFK assassination — 3% (44 votes)
Run for president as a Republican — 2% (41 votes)
Succeed Ian Smith in Rhodesia — 2% (33 votes)
Subscribe to the "It's All Politics" podcast* — 1% (25 votes)

*Speaking of which, the Facebook fan page for our podcast is up to 510 members.

Another 7 percent (129 votes) voted for "other."