NPR logo Bill O'Reilly Says NPR Is 'Left-Wing Jihadist'; Funny, I Thought We Were Just Taliban

Bill O'Reilly Says NPR Is 'Left-Wing Jihadist'; Funny, I Thought We Were Just Taliban

If you haven't seen this, you really should.

Bill O'Reilly, host of the fair and balanced O'Reilly Factor on Fox News, was, as he often is, exercised by something to do with NPR. In this particular case — which aired yesterday — he was displeased with a cartoon on the NPR Web site by independent syndicated columnist Mark Fiore entitled "Learn to Speak Tea Bag." (Fiore's cartoons have appeared on our Web site in the past.) I hadn't previously seen the Tea Bag cartoon, or any of his stuff, but I've watched it now. (For the record, it appeared back in November.) In my view, this particular cartoon was not especially funny, clever or subtle — certainly not subtle. But it is, after all, labeled "opinion," and there's no mistaking that's what it is. The NPR Web site, for anyone who has looked at it, includes opinion from the left and right, and shades in between. That's why it's a must-see every day.

You should also know that the Wall Street Journal has called Fiore the "undisputed guru of the [animated political cartoon] form."

Anyway, that's not the point of this post. In his discussion with Fox News' Jane Skinner about the cartoon, O'Reilly expresses doubts that the NPR Web site is "fair and balanced" and — here's the kicker — wonders if NPR is a "left-wing Jihadist deal." (Skinner, to her credit, pushes back on everything O'Reilly says. You can see the interview at the bottom of this post.)

But my real question is whether NPR is indeed a "left-wing Jihadist deal" or not. I know a lot of people here pledge their allegiance to Gus Hall each day — I even once heard an employee say that he thought civil rights was "a good thing" — but I still don't know if O'Reilly's description is accurate. In any event, now you can vote on it.