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Budget Analysis By Issue: Foreign Aid

The president has proposed $52.8 billion in fiscal 2011 for the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development. That's about $4.9 billion more than last year. Most of that increase is for programs in major conflict areas — Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. The State Department is also requesting supplemental funds in fiscal 2010 that include $4.5 billion to support civilian efforts in those conflict areas.

Analysis: The State Department's operations in Iraq will get a significant boost. With the scheduled drawdown of U.S. military forces there, civilians will take up many operations, including police training. This will require security, expensive equipment such as helicopters and recruiting and training of staff.

The administration did not submit a formal budget request to deal with the crisis in Haiti. It is currently using emergency funds to help there and may request more after an assessment of damages and needs has been completed.