Is Nixon The One? : It's All Politics Who got the most votes for president — total — in history?
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Is Nixon The One?

Nick Thimmesch of Washington, D.C., has a question about the nation's 37th president:

Is it correct to say that more Americans voted for Richard Milhous Nixon for either president or vice president than any other candidate in history?

If we are talking about total votes, Nixon got more votes for president than anyone else. In his two successful (1968 & 1972) and one unsuccessful (1960) presidential campaigns, he amassed a total of 113,063,548 votes. That's more than the 103 million-plus Franklin Roosevelt received in his four (1932/1936/1940/1944) White House victories or the 98 million-plus Ronald Reagan got in his 1980 and '84 winning campaigns.

As the Republican candidate for vice president in 1952 and 1956, Nixon received 69,368,417 votes running on the ticket led by Dwight Eisenhower. But that pales besides the 98 million-plus votes George H.W. Bush got in '80 and '84 running on the Reagan ticket, or the 92 million-plus votes Al Gore won in '92 and '96 running on the ticket led by Bill Clinton.

If you add the votes Nixon got in his three presidential and two vice-presidential runs, it comes to 182,431,965. Strong numbers, but fewer than the 186,349,246 votes the senior Bush got in his two presidential and two vice-presidential campaigns.