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Rumors Persist That There Is A Primary In Oregon Today

Oregon's Kitzhaber is one of 5 former governors around the country seeking their old jobs this year. hide caption

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The header, of course, is sarcastic, mocking people like myself.

We've been focusing non-stop at the states that are holding key Senate primaries today — Pennsylvania, Arkansas and Kentucky — and in doing so, we've conspicuously left out another state where voting is taking place:  Oregon.

It's not just the Political Junkie blog that has failed to notice what's going on in the state.  The headline of Saturday's editorial in the Portland Oregonian reads: "Have you heard there's an election going on?"

A big part of the reason is that by no stretch of the imagination could Oregon's Senate primary be considered "key."  On the Democratic side, incumbent Ron Wyden has minor opposition.  For the Republicans, several candidates are running, led by law professor Jim Huffman.  Wyden is heavily favored in November.

There is more interest in the gubernatorial race, where Gov. Ted Kulongoski (D) is leaving because of term limits.  His predecessor, John Kitzhaber, is running against former Secretary of State Bill Bradbury in the Democratic primary.  On the GOP side, the frontrunner is thought to be Chris Dudley, a former NBA star with the Portland Trail Blazers.

(See my April 6 post about the five "Comebacking Ex-Governors" around the country.)

The Oregon primary (as well as the general election) ballot is by mail only.  All ballots must be received by today to be counted.

Postscript:  I have, in the past, more than once said during the Political Junkie segment on Talk of the Nation that Oregon's mail-only balloting means that females are not allowed to vote.  Each time I got criticized by those who saw my comment as demeaning and sexist.  I suspect I'll try again on Wednesday's show.