This Week's ScuttleButton Winner: Barbara Mindel of Columbus, Ohio : It's All Politics Barbara Mindel of Columbus, Ohio is this week's randomly chosen ScuttleButton winner.  She correctly arrived at the answer, "Crystal Bowersox."
NPR logo This Week's ScuttleButton Winner: Barbara Mindel of Columbus, Ohio

This Week's ScuttleButton Winner: Barbara Mindel of Columbus, Ohio

Who woulda thunk that last week's ScuttleButton puzzle would have been so controversial?

Those who got the answer immediately were fine with it.  Those who eventually came up with an answer and then Googled it because they had no idea what they came up with said it was beneath ScuttleButton standards.  (There are ScuttleButton standards??)  And those who didn't get it at all are, well, probably none worse for the wear.

For me, I was upset that everyone didn't get my joke in the text that accompanied the Junkie post ... that the senior senator from Hawaii offered me a job if I would get rid of the puzzle, but I responded with, "In no way."

Trust me, that is sophisticated humor at its finest.

But there can be no trust if there are no rules.  And these are the rules for playing ScuttleButton:

Every Friday on this blog I offer up a vertical presentation of buttons.  Just take one word or one concept per button, add 'em up, and arrive at a familiar saying or a name. (Seriously: a saying that people from Earth might be remotely familiar with.) Submit your answer and hope you're the person chosen at random. That's it!

Oh wait. You MUST include your name and city/state to be eligible.

Also, the answer does not necessarily have to be political. For instance, the answer to a puzzle awhile back was "Minnesota Twins" — not political at all, unless you're thinking Mondale and Humphrey instead of Killebrew and Oliva.

Here are last week's buttons, in case you forgot:

Run Chris Run — Chris Spirou was the unsuccessful Democratic nominee against New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu (R) in 1984.

Mike Till for Congress — Till, a Minnesota Republican, lost to Rep. Martin Sabo (D) in 1978.

Gary Bauer / Pro Choice / Pro Family / President 2000 — An unsuccessful candidate for the Republican nomination that year.  And don't you love the error on the button:  "Pro choice"!  Can't make that stuff up!

American League Champs / Chicago White Sox 1959 — Don't think it was just a coincidence that a Red Sox button wasn't used here.

So, when you add Chris + Till + Bauer + Sox, you might end up with ...

Crystal Bowersox, the runner-up in this year's "American Idol" program on Fox.

My mail was split, half from those who thought Bowersox should have won, and half from those who had no idea who she was.  And the other half (I never did well in math) hated the thought that I would go ever there for a ScuttleButton puzzle.  Or, as Mike Weaver from Ashburn, Va., wrote, "Ugh, American Idol.  The anti-NPR!"

All of which makes America — and ScuttleButton — great.

Anyway, this week's winner, chosen completely at random, is (drum roll) ... Barbara Mindel of Columbus, Ohio.

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