NPR logo Today's TOTN Junkie Segment: Raising Alabama; Next Week's 'Super Tuesday'

Today's TOTN Junkie Segment: Raising Alabama; Next Week's 'Super Tuesday'

Another defeat for a party-switcher and a frontrunner goes down in the gubernatorial primary.

Those are the headlines from yesterday's results in Alabama, and one of the topics we'll cover in today's Political Junkie segment on NPR's Talk of the Nation.

There's also the fact that two women are running for governor in New Mexico, only the third time that's happened in U.S. history.  And there's plenty to talk about next week's slew of primaries in ten states, with a special focus on the Republican gubernatorial and Senate battles in California, as well as the Senate race in Nevada and the Democratic runoff in Arkansas.

And oh, did I mention the Rod Blagojevich trial in Illinois and the longshot Republican ticket in New York?

Lots to cover.

Last week's program can be heard here.

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