On Language: Obama Talks Of Desperate Gulf Residents

President Obama at the White House; June 16, 2010.

After his meeting with BP executives, the president again spoke about the oil spill crisis. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images North America hide caption

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Earlier, we used a word cloud to generate one view into the language President Barack Obama is using as he discusses the devastating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Here's another small window.

After meeting with BP executives at the White House earlier today, the president read a statement. Reporters could follow along because Obama's aides had released the text a short while before. Then, the president added "one last point" that wasn't part of that prepared text.

He said that during his private conversation with BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg:

"I emphasized to him that for the families that I met with down in the Gulf, for the small business owners, for the fishermen, for the shrimpers, this is not just a matter of dollars and cents; that a lot of these folks don’t have a cushion.  They were coming off (hurricanes) Rita and Katrina; coming off the worst economy that this country has seen since the Great Depression, and this season was going to be the season where they were going to be bouncing back.  Not only that, but this happened, from their perspective, at the worst possible time, because they’re making their entire income for the year in the three or four months during which folks can take their boats out, people are coming down for tourism.

"And so I emphasized to the chairman that when he’s talking to shareholders, when he is in meetings in his boardroom, to keep in mind those individuals; that they are desperate; that some of them, if they don’t get relief quickly, may lose businesses that have been in their families for two or three generations.  And the chairman assured me that he would keep them in mind.

"That’s going to be the standard by which I measure BP’s responsiveness.

"I think today was a good start, and it should provide some assurance to some of the small business owners and individuals down in the Gulf who I was visiting with that BP is going to meet its responsibilities.  But I indicated to the chairman that, throughout this process, as we work to make sure that the Gulf is made whole once again, that the standard I’m going to be applying is whether or not those individuals I met with, their family members, those communities that are vulnerable, whether they are uppermost in the minds of all concerned.  That’s who we’re doing this work for."

Here's how it sounded if you wish to listen:

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Excerpt: President Obama's remarks, June 16



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