NPR logo And The Winner For The June Political Junkie Election Contest Is ...

And The Winner For The June Political Junkie Election Contest Is ...

Another exciting Political Junkie Election Contest has come and gone.

This one listed nine races held in June — gubernatorial primaries in Alabama (R & D), California (R) and South Carolina (R), GOP Senate primaries in California and Utah, Democratic Senate runoffs in Arkansas and North Carolina, and a special congressional runoff in Georgia.

You had to pick the winners in all nine.

The first one to get them all right would not only win a genuine Nixon or McGovern campaign button from 1972, but he or she would have their names spelled out in a special ScuttleButton puzzle ... assuming it was possible.

But the problem — as was the case with our May contest — is that no one got them all right.

According to our crack statistician Eyder Peralta, once again, two people came close:  Jonathan Lux and Dave Wils got eight out of nine.  Jonathan missed on the Arkansas Democratic Senate runoff, guessing Bill Halter instead of Blanche Lincoln.  Dave incorrectly picked Artur Davis instead of Ron Sparks in Alabama.

Eyder reports that only a third of the Junkies guessed that Sparks would win in Alabama. But 71 percent guessed the Georgia 09 special House correctly. The average person guessed a little more than half the races correctly.

Here are the results: