NPR logo Today's TOTN Junkie Segment: Sharron Angle Speaks But Elena Kagan Does Not

Today's TOTN Junkie Segment: Sharron Angle Speaks But Elena Kagan Does Not

It's been kind of surreal watching the Elena Kagan confirmation hearings this week: so much is at stake and yet, ultimately, not much is happening.

Sort of like the regular Political Junkie segment on Talk of the Nation.

Kagan, nominated by President Obama for a Supreme Court seat, is following the time-honored tradition of recent court nominees of refusing to answer specific questions.

The big news of the week, of course, is the passing of Robert Byrd, the longest serving senator in history.  We're joined by Robert Rupp, a professor at West Virginia Wesleyan College, who will talk about Byrd's fascinating career — the good and the bad.

We'll also hear from Jon Ralston, who interviewed Nevada GOP Senate nominee Sharron Angle last night on his "Face to Face" TV show.  Angle, who hopes to dethrone Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) in November, has been under fire for a series of controversial statements since she won her party's nomination June 8.

Last week's program, focusing on the breaking news of the dumping of Gen. Stanley McChrystal from his command post in Afghanistan, can be heard here.

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