NPR logo Flashback Friday: On This Day In 1952, A Big Platform Victory For Eisenhower

Flashback Friday: On This Day In 1952, A Big Platform Victory For Eisenhower

July 9, 1952:

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Two days into the Republican National Convention in Chicago, forces loyal to Gen. Dwight Eisenhower win a key victory over Sen. Robert Taft of Ohio in their battle for the GOP presidential nomination.  The fight is over the makeup of the delegations from the states of Georgia and Texas.

Challenging a ruling by the party's Credentials Committee, the Ike forces take their battle to the convention floor and win.  Delegates vote 607-531 to unseat delegations from the two states backing Taft and replace them with pro-Ike delegates from Texas and Georgia.

The ruling is considered crucial to Eisenhower's chances for the nomination, and in fact Ike will win the GOP designation two days later on the first ballot.

(And here's one more piece of 1952 convention trivia: Oklahoma's Ross Rizley was elected chairman of the credentials committee on July 7, defeating a Minnesota delegate supporting Harold Stassen by the name of Warren Burger ... the same Warren Burger who 17 years later will be named by President Nixon as chief justice of the United States.)

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