NPR logo Today's Junkie Segment On TOTN: Colorado's Bennet And Romanoff Spar

Today's Junkie Segment On TOTN: Colorado's Bennet And Romanoff Spar

The Aug. 10 Colorado Democratic primary battle between appointed Sen. Michael Bennet and challenger Andrew Romanoff, just two weeks away, was center stage in today's Political Junkie segment on NPR's Talk of the Nation.

Bennet, appointed to fill the vacancy left when Ken Salazar (D) was appointed interior secretary, and Romanoff, who clearly wanted that appointment, are hitting each other with negative ads ... just as their Republican counterparts, Jane Norton and Ken Buck, are.  What was most telling in today's segment, I thought, was that Romanoff says there are tons of differences between the two, while Bennet seemed to minimize any differences.

Staying on the Colorado theme, today's show also focused on former Rep. Tom Tancredo and his decision to leave the GOP and run as a third-party candidate in the gubernatorial contest.

Plus:  The pressure on Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) to make a deal regarding his alleged transgressions before the ethics committee begins its "trial" on Thursday ... and it's an all-woman final in the Oklahoma gov. race, as Rep. Mary Fallin (R) and Lt. Gov. Jari Askins (D) won their respective primaries yesterday.

And speaking of Fallin, she was the subject of this week's trivia question.  Who was the last female member of Congress to be elected governor?

You can hear all of this and, sadly, even more by clicking here.  (Neal Conan is away this week, and Tony Cox is the substitute host.)

And last week's program, focusing on the Shirley Sherrod affair and featuring special guest Donna Brazile, can be heard here.

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Last week's trivia answer: The last governor who was elected, defeated, and returned to office was Edwin Edwards (D) of Louisiana.  Edwards was first elected in 1972 but was constitutionally barred from seeking re-election four years later, as was the state law back then.  He regained the governorship in 1983, finished second in the 1987 primary (and decided not to stick around for the runoff) but won again in 1991.