NPR logo The Pursuit Of Trivia On Talk Of The Nation, And A Lodge Mistake

The Pursuit Of Trivia On Talk Of The Nation, And A Lodge Mistake

OK, some unhappiness with today's trivia question during the Political Junkie segment on NPR's Talk of the Nation.

My question:  Before Lisa Murkowski, who was the last woman elected senator or governor to be defeated in the primary?

The correct answer (at least, the one I was looking for): Washington Gov. Dixy Lee Ray, who was defeated for renomination in the 1980 Democratic primary.

A bunch of callers and emails quickly came in: Why not Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas), who was defeated in this year's gubernatorial primary?

Well, what I MEANT — and what did come out during the conversation with callers who had wrong answers — was that I was looking for those who were defeated for renomination.  Hutchison, of course, is still in office.  But yes, the words "defeated for renomination" were not part of the actual question, and so I apologize for being less than precise.

And speaking of corrections, here's one from the Aug. 4 program.

My question then was, what is the most recent case where two brothers at different times ran against the same senator?  The correct answer — and there's no dispute on this — is that Rep. John Boozman is the Republican nominee this year in Arkansas against Sen. Blanche Lincoln, and his late brother, Fay Boozman, ran against Lincoln back in 1998, when he lost.

One caller, Bob, thought it might be in Massachusetts, when John Kennedy and Edward Kennedy both ran against Henry Cabot Lodge.

I told Bob I liked his answer, but it was wrong:  JFK, of course, unseated Lodge in 1952, but when Ted Kennedy first ran for the Senate, in 1962, I said, "he beat Lodge's brother, George Cabot Lodge.  They did not beat the same senator.  They did not run against the same senator.  They ran against brothers."

Within minutes, an email came in with a correction.  Yes, Teddy ran against George Cabot Lodge, but George was not Henry Cabot Lodge's brother, he was his son.  Henry's brother, John, was the governor of Connecticut.

The sender of the email?  John Lodge, HCL's grandson.

Oops.  For that mistake, I owe someone a No Prize T-Shirt.  Size: lodge.