NPR logo This Week's Junkie On TOTN: Whither Lisa, Rahm & The Sept. 14 Primaries

This Week's Junkie On TOTN: Whither Lisa, Rahm & The Sept. 14 Primaries

No primaries this week to dissect, but plenty next week, and we set them up in today's Political Junkie segment on NPR's Talk of the Nation:

How the results in Alaska play in the GOP contest for Senate in Delaware between Mike Castle and Christine O'Donnell ... The thinking behind Sarah Palin's endorsement of Brian Murphy over Bob Ehrlich in Maryland ... The Republican battle to keep Judd Gregg's Senate seat in New Hampshire ... And weighing Charlie Rangel's 40 years in his bid for another House term in New York.

Plus:  What will Lisa Murkowski do?  What will Rahm Emanuel do?  And how could the Yankees lose two in a row to the Orioles??

Last week's show, featuring Democratic pollster Anna Greenberg and Republican strategist Alex Vogel, focused on the themes for the fall midterm elections.  You can listen to that segment here.

Host Neal Conan is off this week, ably replaced by NPR's Jennifer Ludden.

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