Introducing 'It's All Politics', The Blog; And NPR's 'Election Scorecard' : It's All Politics is launching several new projects for political junkies. There's a new blog and an Election Scorecard that tracks who's up and who's down in the race for control of Congress.
NPR logo Introducing 'It's All Politics', The Blog; And NPR's 'Election Scorecard'

Introducing 'It's All Politics', The Blog; And NPR's 'Election Scorecard'

They've been long in the making. Lots of hours have been put into them. And now they're real.

Starting today, on, we’re adding a lot of things for all you … political junkies.

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First, there's this new blog — It’s All Politics. Hosted by my colleague Frank James (a veteran blogger on The Two-Way and at the Chicago Tribune's political blog The Swamp), it will have all of my Political Junkie rantings, including ScuttleButton, as always. Ron Elving's Watching Washington columns will be here too.

There's more. There will be links to the It's All Politics podcast and the Wednesday "Political Junkie" segment on Talk of the Nation. And Frank will be scanning the media universe for the best political reporting — from NPR and elsewhere — to pass along to you.

But wait, that’s not all.

We’re also launching the Election Scorecard – all my picks for all the important races in the battle for control of Congress, and in the critical contests for governor. Plus, you’ll get to see how my forecasts compare to those of some other prognosticators. Who'll end up looking smartest? Well … we’ll see.

Here's an overview of Ken's ratings. See all the races we're following at the Election Scorecard. hide caption

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We're excited about the launches of these endeavors. We think you will be too. And we hope you keep returning to the blog and our other features — through Nov. 2 and beyond.

Welcome to It's All Politics, the blog.