Jim Fallon's work analyzing the brains of psychopaths lead to a surprising personal discovery. Michael Brands/TED / Michael Brands hide caption

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TED Radio Hour

Jim Fallon: What Does The Mind Of A Killer Look Like?

Neuroscientist Jim Fallon uses brain scans and genetic analysis to uncover the wiring in the nature (and nurture) of murderers.

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Philip Zimbardo explains his infamous Stanford Prison experiment at a TED conference. Andrew Heavens/Courtesy of TED hide caption

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TED Radio Hour

Philip Zimbardo: Why Do Good People Do Bad Things?

Philip Zimbardo knows how easy it is for nice people to turn bad. In this TED talk, Zimbardo explores the nature of evil and how easy it is to be a hero.

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Anchor Chris Hayes will host a new MSNBC weeknight show beginning April 1. Virginia Sherwood/MSNBC hide caption

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Ellen DeGeneres during a taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2011 in Burbank, Calif. Michael Rozman/Warner Bros./AP hide caption

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(Left to right) Sketches of Henry Kissinger, Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama Courtesy of Michael McCutcheon hide caption

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Print versions of Daily Variety, like this one from 2003, will no longer be available on L.A. newsstands. Variety will continue online and in a print weekly, but the daily print edition is being dropped. Kevin Winter/Getty Images hide caption

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