Next-door nightmare: Jessica Lange's Constance is one of many things that's not quite right about American Horror Story — and a substantial part of what makes it such stylish good fun.

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Mindy Kaling is an Emmy Award-nominated writer and an actress on NBC's The Office.

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Delusion sold 25,000 tickets — at $40 a head — in less than a week. Creator Jon Braver hopes the attraction's success might be enough to launch a franchise.

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"I could be wrong, you know:" John Hodgman notes that while his book That Is All is intensely concerned with "the coming global superpocalypse," it also contains much information about travel and sports and wine, and is "not depressing."

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Justin Timberlake arrives at the premiere of In Time on October 20.

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Rainn Wilson, who plays Dwight on The Office, is featured in the new PBS miniseries America in Primetime, which examines the archetypes on television today.

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Ashrita Furman, seen here trying to break his own Guinness World Record for underwater juggling, currently holds the record for holding the most world records, at 119. But even Furman has had record ideas rejected, such as balancing the most salt shakers on an edge.

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Kreayshawn says "Gucci Gucci" was inspired by the cultural differences she noticed between Oakland and Los Angeles

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