For the sweetest, smoothest strawberry jam, author Kevin West suggests staying as far away as possible from what he calls "Pamela Anderson fruit": the big strawberries found in regular supermarkets. He prefers picking small, red berries from farm stands, instead. Kevin West/Knopf hide caption

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Detail from a painting found on the walls of a 4,000-year-old tomb in Luxor, Egypt, that depicts bread making. Werner Forman Archive hide caption

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Jeremy Jackson wanted to rethink his grandma Mildred's famous Strawberry Cake recipe, which uses boxed cake mix and Jell-O. His updated cupcake version is shown on the right. Jeremy Jackson for NPR hide caption

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The "Beet Me in St. Louis" cocktail uses two infusions: €” beet-infused gin and tarragon-infused honey. Courtesy of Adam Larkey Photography hide caption

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For NPR producer Melissa Gray, nothing says summer more than a cold glass of limeade. booleansplit/via Flickr hide caption

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A kitchen renovation revealed some unusual items Laurel Ruma had picked up while traveling: chickpea flour, harissa and chia seeds. Laurel Ruma hide caption

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