The most traditional way to break the fast during Ramadan is with a date — as the prophet Muhammad used to do. Learn more about the tradition of eating dates during Ramadan, and check out Yvonne Maffei's Dates with Cream recipe. Yvonne Maffei/My Halal Kitchen hide caption

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Public television host Chris Kimball says Summer Berry Pudding is one of his favorite summertime desserts. You can try a recipe for the pudding here. Courtesy of Cook's Illustrated hide caption

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Is It Ripe? "To pick a perfect peach, obviously you need to pick it off the tree yourself," says Clemson University peach specialist Desmond Layne. But for those of us who pick peaches in supermarkets and not in orchards, he has three simple suggestions: Smell it. Squeeze it. Look at where it's from. hide caption

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Each Of These Things Is A Little Like The Other: There's a common ingredient mixed into these dishes ranging from appetizer to dessert. It's the much-maligned condiment, mayonnaise — but you'd never guess it. Trust us. Doreen McCallister/NPR hide caption

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