Matt Jennings' pork loin sandwich. Catherine Welch/NPR hide caption

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At the Te'amim — or Tastes — cooking camp in Jerusalem, kids learn how to make kubbeh hamusta, a popular regional dumpling from Kurdistan. Emily Harris/NPR hide caption

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Microwave pralines are easier to make than stovetop pralines, and just as tasty. Ed Anderson/Chronicle Books hide caption

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Many different Middle Eastern cultures claim to have invented the kebab. hide caption

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George Lake, owner of Thistle Creek Farm, feeds his cattle grass from five different countries. Marie Cusick/NPR hide caption

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Baker Kim Boyce's hand pies can be filled with a variety of fruits, from apricots to blackberries. The fruit's natural sugars and juices caramelize while baking, concentrating the summer flavors. Deena Prichep for NPR hide caption

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Julia della Croce says pistachio pesto is an economical — and delicious — alternative when Italian pine nuts can cost up to $120 per pound. Nathan Hoyt/Courtesy of Julia della Croce hide caption

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Instead of throwing out the nutritious broth that's left over when you cook down greens, why not use it as the base for a delicious dish like this rockfish with clams in a garlic-shallot pot liquor sauce? Alison Aubrey/NPR hide caption

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Mike Odette, chef and co-owner of Sycamore Restaurant, finds beets and turnips that will make tasty refrigerator pickles at the Columbia, Mo., farmers market. Abbie Fentress Swanson/Harvest Public Media hide caption

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