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Mexico's President Felipe Calderon (left) starts a wind turbine that will help power the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancun. Officials will spend the next two weeks debating how to mobilize money to cope with climate change as temperatures climb, ice melts and seas rise. Israel Leal/AP hide caption

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The deep-water-research submarine Alvin is launched from Atlantis. Scientists are studying how ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico may have been affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Richard Harris/NPR hide caption

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Megan Lindsey (right) and her friend Alexandria Bodfish at soccer camp at University of Notre Dame.  Megan, 14, suffered concussions twice this fall while playing soccer. Courtesy of Barbara Wirtz hide caption

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Cycling has at least tripled over the past two decades in several big cities across the U.S., including Minneapolis, Chicago and San Francisco. Jonathan Steinberg hide caption

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A hybrid solarized gas turbine power station owned by AORA Solar, a new Israeli company pushing solar hybrid technology, sits in the southern Israeli kibbutz of Samar. David Buimovitch/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Dr. Barry Gordon, a neurologist and an experimental psychologist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, has been trying to help his son Alex find language. Alex, pictured here at 7 years was always non-verbal and diagnosed as autistic at age 4. Courtesy of the Gordon Family hide caption

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Eat Up: Eating a large meal at the holidays won't have a big impact on your weight, says one physiologist. That's because your brain keeps a close watch on food intake and can tolerate the occasional big meal. It's slow, steady weight gain that's more problematic. hide caption

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