Cows graze at a Horizon Organic farm in eastern Maryland. Even though the milk produced here is deemed organic, a very small percentage of corn used to feed the animals may contain genetically modified material because of unavoidable cross-pollination between genetically modified corn and the organic variety. Keri Pickett/Horizon hide caption

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A production plant on the short of Mellitah, Libya, opened in 2004. Owned by Eni, the Italian oil and gas company, the facility is part of a pipeline that connects Libya to Sicily. Political unrest in the African nation is having effects in the worldwide oil market. Eni Press Office/AP hide caption

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Teeth from a cremated child were excavated from a site believed to be 11,500 years old. The color differences show uneven burning. The scale is in millimeters. Science/AAAS hide caption

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Scientists hope to use a fungus to keep malaria-carrying mosquitoes like the Anopheles gambiae species from growing resistant to insecticides. Courtesy of James Gathany/CDC hide caption

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Space shuttle Discovery lifts off at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla., on Thursday for the final time. The world's most traveled spaceship is heading toward the International Space Station with a crew of six on a journey that marks the beginning of the end of the shuttle era. Chris O'Meara/AP hide caption

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