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Anti-Union Ad Comes to Maine

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The pro-business Coalition for a Democratic Workplace brings its tough-talking ad against a union-backed Senate bill to the Portland, ME, market.

The ad stars Vince Curatola. Sopranos fans will recognize him as Johnny Sack, a New York mobster who operated out of a construction company. For CDW, he dons a lavender tie and black suit, as a union boss who fears incumbent Sen. Susan Collins (R) but thinks he could work nicely with challenger Tom Allen (D).

Stereotype or cartoon? Your call. CDW likes the image well enough to run Johnny Sack in five other states with embattled Republican incumbents, and on the CDW website as well.

As for the Employee Free Choice Act, the bill in question: It would make it easier for unions to organize workplaces. Labor says corporate America has had a free hand to intimidate workers during the Bush administration, and this would level the playing field.

CDW members — and the list of businesses and trade associations is a long one — say it's a question of protecting the secret ballot in organizing elections, as it is on any election day.



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Something is fishy here. Businesses AND a Republican senator fighting for union workers rights? No I don't think so, and something else is going on. Perhaps NPR can do an expose' on this.

Sent by F. Lewis | 9:13 AM | 8-14-2008

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