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Chamber of Commerce Senate Campaign Heats Up

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View the "taxing machine" ad

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce unleashed a slew of new TV ads in key Senate races this week, part of a $20 million-plus campaign to protect congressional incumbents and elect candidates who are pro-business.

Though the Chamber supports some Democrats, all of the ads this week go the other way. The only Democratic senator who seems to be in real jeopardy, Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, doesn't get any TV help from the Chamber, at least in this round.

The Chamber has two new ads in New Hampshire. One of them tags Democrat Jeanne Shaheen as a "taxing machine" (it rhymes with her name). The other ad praises incumbent John Sununu, the Republican, for his record on health care.

Likewise, in Minnesota, a Chamber ad ridicules Democratic challenger Al Franken for wanting to raise taxes while not paying some of his own. Another lauds Republican incumbent Norm Coleman for "working to keep the government out of your medical decisions."

Two more ads, one supporting Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and another promoting Sen. Gordon Smith (R-OR), compliment the Republicans for opposing government interference in health care. It's an interesting tack, since Democrats think health care (and government involvement therein) will be a winner for them.

Look for more Chamber ads down the road...

— Will Evans

UPDATE: Here's the Al Franken ad...



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I am a small business owner who is very interested in the Minnesota U.S. Senate race.

The ads in this race are ugly, but I find the U.S. Chamber ads to be particularly outrageous and to contain an unjustified degree of distortions.

MPR and the press in general should do more than just report on the ads. Importantly, the press should have some responsibility in exposing the degree of untruth in ads such as these.

Most of all, these ads reflect very poorly on the U.S. Chamber. I can guarantee that unless the U.S. Chamber changes course and gains some ethics, my business will never be a member.

Sent by Michael Weber | 12:55 PM | 9-15-2008

us chamber commerce ugly ads broadcast mainly on boston ma abc are mainly stupid and not productive on Masscahusetts TV for NH.
Cancel MY Chamber Membership if my money is contributing to this boondogle

Sent by G Joanh | 12:39 PM | 9-28-2008