Denver Group

Clinton Backers Threaten Split With Party

The Denver Group, a political action committee led by Hillary Clinton activist Heidi Li Feldman, aired a TV ad last night demanding a roll call vote to determine the Democratic Party's nominee at next week's national convention in Denver.

The ad shows the Declaration of Independence and suggests that Hillary Clinton supporters could leave the Democratic Party if "democratic principles are not upheld." It ends threatening that, without a roll call vote to pick the party's candidate, "come November the Democratic Party could face a revolution."



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Oh those pesky P.U.M.A's, always convinced their dozens of members are more important than a party itself.

They have whined and screamed about how they will turn the Democrats on their ears when Bill-ary is not elected...or when the RBC does not uphold their opinion...or when Bill-ary is not chosen for VP. But take them on their word, a roll call vote must happen or we'll all be plagued by locusts and stuff.

Good riddance.

Sent by Leigh Cutler | 10:18 AM | 8-25-2008