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Discussion Guidelines for 'The Secret Money Project'

We want your feedback, comments, and discussion. Just keep it clean. Basically, don't say anything Ken Rudin wouldn't say. Here are a few, somewhat obvious, rules to keep in mind:

No slander or name calling.

Don't write anything threatening, harassing, sexist, or racist.

No obscenities.

What you post should be your own work. You can link to, quote, and paraphrase someone else with proper attribution, but don't copy and paste willy-nilly.

Don't ramble (too much). We understand the allure of long, healthy political rant. But we reserve the right to edit comments for brevity.

Stay on topic. No advertising, proselytizing, recruiting, soliciting or gratuitous product placement.

Don't post lies. NPR reserves the right not to publicize allegations, accusations, and other claims which we know to be false or unsubstantiated.

Respect other people's privacy. Don't post someone else's personal or contact information. If you'd like to send a private message to our bloggers, e-mail us here.

No private communication. This is a public forum, not a message board. Don't send personal or private notes.

If you have complaints about NPR coverage or general policies, don't use the blog to voice them. Instead, please contact the NPR ombudsman. To contact an NPR program or any of our business and technical departments, use the NPR Contact Form.

If you want to know even more information about what is and isn't allowed on, please see our very official Terms of Use page.

With all that said, we will sometimes disagree. That's OK. We're talking about politics, after all. There's a reason why mom used to say never talk about religion or politics at the dinner table. That probably means you shouldn't blog at the dinner table either.