NPR logo Film Company Coordinates With AFL-CIO On Anti-McCain Message

Brave New Films

Film Company Coordinates With AFL-CIO On Anti-McCain Message

A new, would-be-viral Web video slamming McCain for his many upscale houses is a result of some joint brainstorming by the AFL-CIO and an activist film production company called Brave New Films.

The liberal film company released the video, called "McCain's Mansions," to the YouTube masses yesterday (below). It portrays McCain as the "The Real Elitist," citing his multiple houses, fancy shoes and estimated net worth — all of which were also highlighted in an AFL-CIO mailer sent out last week.

"Working with the AFL-CIO, we coordinated with them on what the message was behind the video. We timed it deliberately to come out around their mail piece," said Brave New Films communications director Leighton Woodhouse. "We're in agreement with them that this is the right message to drive at this particular time in our effort to sort of define the candidate. Someone who's that out of touch with struggles that ordinary Americans are going through."

Brave New Films is working with both the AFL-CIO and Service Employees International Union to blast the video to union members.

This video is the latest in a series of "The Real McCain" videos, which have attracted more than six million views, according to the group. Another one of them, released in May, catalogues McCain's gaffes and has picked up 3.5 million YouTube hits:

Brave New Films is a nonprofit advocacy organization, or 501(c)(4), which also has an affiliated political action committee. It's run by Robert Greenwald, who has produced political documentaries taking on Fox News and Wal-Mart. SEIU gave Brave New Films $90,000 in 2007, according to union filings.