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AFL-CIO Mailer Hits McCain On Wealth, Fancy Shoes

The AFL-CIO sent out its latest of several election-related mailers to 50,000 union households last week, targeting McCain on Social Security. The mailer, which cites McCain's net worth, multiple houses and alleged $520 shoes, went to union retirees in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan, according to a union federation spokesperson. The AFL-CIO expects to continue sending it out to even larger numbers of voters.


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The union federation also sent out pro-Obama mailers on July 29 to more than 600,000 union households in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania. One tries to counter "unfair, false rumors" about Obama and answer questions such as: "Is he a Christian?", "Does he wear a flag pin on his lapel?" and "Was he born in America?"

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The other features union members saying why they are voting for Obama.

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Before those, the AFL-CIO sent out a mailer showing a Vietnam vet and union member who distinguishes between McCain's military service ("War hero? Absolutely.") and his voting record ("Voice for working families? No way."). The mailing went to 400,000 union voters in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. The labor federation also ran a similar TV ad.

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