NPR logo Union Raises Concern About Foreign Investment — And McCain


Union Raises Concern About Foreign Investment — And McCain

Radio ads by the Service Employees International Union are trying to tie John McCain to the issue of foreign governments investing in American companies.

The ads raise national security concerns about foreign-controlled investment funds joining with private equity funds to invest in U.S. firms. Each of the ads — which will continue airing next week in Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, Virginia, Alabama and Michigan — end with this message: "Call Sen. McCain at 202-224-2235 and tell him we have a right to know when foreign countries buy into American companies vital to our economic prosperity and national defense."

The ads don't specify why McCain is named, but Anastasia Christman, a coordinator for SEIU's private equity campaign, says SEIU is targeting the presidential candidate partly because private equity titan Henry Kravis is a top McCain fundraiser. "It's important as people are assessing him as a presidential candidate that we know that he even understands that this situation is going on and whether he accepts it," she says.