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Vets For Freedom: "I Am The Surge"

The pro-surge group Vets For Freedom said Monday that it's running a $1.1 million ad campaign with this TV spot:

"I know the surge worked. I was there. I saw Al Qaeda decimated," one veteran says.

The ad avoids the legal restraints of an overtly political message by promoting a Senate resolution expressing gratitude to American service men and women who participated in the Iraq offensive known as the surge. It urges viewers to call Barack Obama and tell him to support the resolution.

The ad was unveiled in Denver, to run during the Democratic convention. It's also going to run in Minneapolis-St. Paul for the Republican convention next week, and in the swing states of Ohio, Michigan, Virginia and Colorado, according to VFF.

Vets For Freedom has been among the most active conservative groups on TV.



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I am a veteran and I deplore vets using words like vets for freedom to promote their political view...if the surge was done in the beginning as J.McCain suggested more troops with out training or equipment would have been even more fool hardy. This ill advised war could have ended earlier and more responsibly than J.MC and GW04 did bottom line the oil is secured with the Jun 30 contracts Mission is now Accomplished.

Sent by Ronald Mascenti - USAF Vietnam 67-68 | 9:09 PM | 9-2-2008

Intersting that they claim on their site to be non-partisan and NPR has just outed them as having a clearly conservative agenda. VFF isn't fooling anyone. To masquerade as truthful non-partisan veterans and lend their war stories to be used as pawns in political game of chess gain is deplorable. Don't hide behind the uniform if you aren't going to tell the full truth. That is mocking everything that the uniform stands for and an insult to my friends who have fought and died. The surge was 20% of the reason for the decrease in violence. There is a difference between causation and correlation.

Sent by CPT US Army | 10:11 PM | 9-16-2008