NPR logo AK Senator Accused Of "Pay-To-Play Politics"


AK Senator Accused Of "Pay-To-Play Politics"

Campaign Money Watch launched a new TV ad tracking the money behind embattled Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) let's take a look at the money behind Campaign Money Watch.

The ad says Stevens, who is under federal indictment as he runs for an eighth six-year term, received money from "insurance, health and drug interests" and then cast votes that left consumers with higher prescription drug prices. The ad concludes, "Isn't it time we stopped pay-to-play politics in Washington?"

Campaign Money Watch is a project of the liberal group Public Campaign Action Fund, which has public financing for congressional campaigns as its long-range goal. For this ad, the group received $300,000 from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, which continues to be one of the most politically active unions this election. And it got $50,000 from the defunct liberal group Campaign to Defend America, which was supposed to be a vehicle for anti-McCain advertising.

As for individual contributions, the group got $150,000 from John Hunting of Grand Rapids, MI, who also cuts big checks to America Votes, the League of Conservation Voters and Majority Action.

Campaign Money Watch also recieved $125,000 from David Bonderman of Texas Pacific Group, who is a big donor to Defenders of Wildlife.