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Anti-McCain Group Revs Up

UPDATE 9/15/08: Here's the message trimmed down to the 30-second ad.

Brave New Films says its ad featuring one of John McCain's fellow POWs was delayed but is about to hit the air, running Sunday through Tuesday.

The ad was first announced Sept. 2. A spokesman said the ad buy was pushed back, first to avoid being drowned out by Palinmania at the Republican convention, and then to show respect for the 9/11 anniversary.

In the video, former POW Phillip Butler recounts the time that he and McCain spent at the Naval Academy and then, years later, in North Vietnamese prison camps.

Brave New Films, a 501c4, and its political action committee, Brave New PAC, will follow up that ad while it's still on the air, according to director Robert Greenwald, who founded the groups. The first follow-up will look at McCain's medical records, he said, with more videos and ads examining what Greenwald calls the "Real McCain."