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U.S. Chamber Hammers Mark Udall Yet Again

Rep. Mark Udall (D-CO) is the lucky recipient of a third and more-hard-hitting-than-ever attack ad from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

This one portrays Udall as a friend of Iran and Venezuela for his votes against U.S. oil exploration. (Udall now supports some new drilling, but that just gets him tarred by his opponent as "U-Turn Udall," which this ad echoes.) The ad concludes, "Every time he's blocked American energy production, he's made the tyrants and sheiks happy. But we've paid the price."

The Chamber of Commerce certainly has paid a price.

It has spent more than $3 million on ads in Senate races since late August, mostly helping Republicans and hurting Democrats. The exception is in Louisiana, where the Chamber spent all of $66,000 supporting Senate Democrat Mary Landrieu. In contrast, the Chamber had already spent $450,000 against Udall before this ad came out, according to the Campaign Media Analysis Group.



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I'm a Republican who is opposed to Republican Bob Schaffer's bid to become a Colorado U.S. Senator. When Schaffer was a Colorado State Senator, he sat on a committee that was supposed to increase car dealer accountability. Instead, Bob opposed reforms that all the other committee members supported. Bob lost that battle. However industry lobbyists helped him dubiously win this war.

Bob Schaffer upended the majority's decision by pulling political strings and becoming that bill's sponsor! He introduced the bill at the capitol, but cut the heart out of the reforms through numerous amendments. So the only opponent of important dealer accountability reforms trumped those who unanimously supported the original bill.

These dubious actions caught the attention of KUSA Investigative Reporter Paula Woodward, and deemed Schaffer worthy of a "9WantsToKnow" investigative report.

Bob Schaffer worked hard for car dealers and opposed increased ethical accountability. This is not the man I can expect to help reform Washington, make Wall Street accountable, no less support efforts to replace fossil fuels with alternate clean energy. Bob's conspicuous ties to the oil industry raises legitimate concerns as to who he will really serve if elected U.S. Senator. Therefore, this Republican is willing to go on record as opposed to Republican Bob Schaffer in this election and will gladly vote for Democrat Mark Udall instead.

Sent by Doug Ehrlich | 7:34 PM | 9-24-2008

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