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U.S. Chamber Piles On In Union Issue

When it comes to the union secret ballot issue, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce wants a piece of the action, too.

There are already two groups targeting Democrats with ads saying they will restrict workers' rights by taking away secret ballots in union elections.

Now comes the Chamber, with an ad taking on the Democratic Senate candidate Mark Udall in Colorado. He supports the pro-union bill. The ad shows people on the street calling the measure "outrageous," "an invasion of our privacy," and "against our rights and liberties."

But don't worry, Mark. They're probably not all Colorado voters, since the same faces show up in an identical ad against Minnesota Democrat Al Franken.

Parenthetically, the Chamber has issues with Udall's cousin too. It has an ad criticizing the energy votes of Rep. Tom Udall (D-NM), who is also running for Senate.

And one other thing: Recognize that serious voice in the background? It's the same one starring in ads by the American Future Fund and American Issues Project. Who is that guy?