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Defenders Of Wildlife, Not Republicans

Nobody's accusing Rep. Steve Pearce (R-NM) of shooting wolves from planes, but Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund doesn't like him anyway.

The group has a new TV ad out implying that Pearce, who is running for Senate, has some non-wildlife-related ethical problems to explain. The ad, which tries to cram in much more than the usual 30-second blitz of buzz words, says that Pearce chaired a 2003 hearing involving an energy company which, at the same time, was negotiating to buy Pearce's company. The ad suggests that the company bought Pearce's firm at an inflated price. It says, "New Mexico Deserves Answers."

The ad cites a story by Roll Call, a newspaper that covers Capitol Hill. But the paper found "no evidence that Pearce has taken any legislative action to specifically benefit" the energy company.

Meanwhile, Rep. Don Young (R-AK) just can't catch a break. More after the jump...

Young, seeking his 19th two-year term, survived a primary challenge by 300 votes, according to the final tally last week. And now this...

Defenders of Wildlife has a new ad unhelpfully pointing out that Young is under federal investigation for corruption. The ad shows Young's cheerful face and says, "Why is this man smiling? Because he thinks he's above the law."

Or maybe it's just because we're six weeks from Election Day and the feds haven't filed charges.