NPR logo Enough With The Bungee-Jumping. Let's Attack.


Enough With The Bungee-Jumping. Let's Attack.

It was just two weeks ago that from North Carolina ran this cryptic ad: Ordinary Joe stops traffic on bridge, delivers tax rant over bullhorn, then falls over the side... to be saved by the Bungee Cord of Magical Realism.

RightChange's real message was at its website: It says Barack Obama's tax plans are bad for Americans. And now the group has put message on the air, and in a much harsher — and more slippery — delivery than what appears online. A hasty viewing of the ad gives the impression that in an Obama administration, small businesses would pay tax rates of 62 percent.

RightChange presents this as a nationwide ad buy. We'll see later how much money they commit to it. The group intends to sidestep restrictions on campaign-season ads by telling viewers to call Obama's Senate office if they're unhappy with his presidential campaign.