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Religion, Politics Mix In Two Ad Campaigns

Update 09/17/08: Read Catholics United's latest tax return here.

Two political religious groups have launched dueling ad campaigns, one attacking Obama and the other McCain.

The Republican Jewish Coalition — which recently sparked quite a brouhaha with anti-Obama polls — is running ads in Jewish newspapers that say, "Concerned about Barack Obama? You should be." Oddly, a spokeswoman wouldn't say which newspapers. The most recent ad calls Obama's views on Israel "dangerous." The RJC has ties to many Republican leaders; at the 2004 convention it held a lavish reception honoring Tom DeLay (R-TX), then the House majority leader. One RJC board member is Washington lobbyist Wayne Berman, who's also a national finance committee co-chair for McCain.

Meanwhile, an advocacy group called Catholics United plans to run TV ads, starting Sept. 19, saying that McCain isn't truly pro-life. The ads, targeted to Catholic neighborhoods in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan, faults McCain for voting against expanding the State Children's Health Insurance Program and for supporting the Iraq war. It features a self-described pro-life mother saying, "Sen. McCain, when will you start defending all human life, without exception?"

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The Republican Jewish Coalition has casino magnate and conservative moneyman Sheldon Adelson on its board. Adelson bankrolls Freedom's Watch, which shares several board members with the RJC.

Besides Wayne Berman, the RJC is also tied to the McCain campaign through board members Elliott Broidy, Paul Singer and Lewis M. Eisenberg, who each raised over $500,000 for McCain. RJC board members Marvin Pomerantz, Sheldon Adelson, Fred Zeidman and Leonard Sands each bundled between $100,000 and $250,000. And board members Larry Mizel and Marc Lipschultz each delivered between $50,000 and $100,000 for McCain. All in all, the RJC board represents more than $2.5 million for McCain.

As for Catholics United, its executive director is Chris Korzen, a former organizer for the Service Employees International Union. The other board members are James Salt, who has done religious outreach for the Kansas Democratic Party and political scientist Joseph Wright. Jennifer Hojaiban, an editor of the Georgetown Law Journal, was on the board until recently.

Just for comparison's sake, the Catholics United board's contributions to Obama total $0.



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Catholics United basically waters down the teachings of the Catholic Church. They twist Church teaching to "distract" from the fact that abortion is at the peak of all other issues on Catholic Social teaching. All other social issues start with the "Right to Life".

Sent by Mike Cloghessy | 4:52 PM | 9-19-2008

As a Catholic I was taught to respect all life from the unborn child to the criminal on death row. "Right to Life" means more than just the physical notion of being alive but also having the basic things many of us take for granted - a warm and safe home, food on our tables, clothes on our bodies. As Catholics we are required to come to the aid of the poor, the sick and yes even the imprisoned not just the unborn. That is what I got from the Catholics United ad. It is more important to know how a candidate votes concerning matters affecting those less fortunate than whether or not he or she is pro-abortion or anti-abortion. Too many candidates say they are "Pro-Life" but vote against those bills that would help the less fortunate have that basic "Life" we all have a right to.

Sent by Y Homan | 4:07 PM | 9-20-2008

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