NPR logo Liberal Group Sends A Snide "Thank You" To Republicans


Liberal Group Sends A Snide "Thank You" To Republicans

A liberal group called Campaign for America's Future has a new ad designed, it seems, mainly to annoy the delegates to the Republican National Convention.

The ad starts with the words, "To the conservatives gathered in St. Paul: Thanks for the memories..." It goes on to show images of a submerged New Orleans, a gas pump with its dials spinning, a home-foreclosure sign and President Bush's "Mission Accomplished" banner. Get it?

Here's the thing, though. The ad, according to the group, is airing this week "in 365,000 hotel rooms across the country." So, either hotel guests are a key swing voter demographic we haven't heard about yet, or Campaign for America's Future decided the best way to spend its money was to pester Republican delegates trying to catch a break from the speeches in the solace of their hotel rooms.

Campaign for America's Future is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, so it's hard to know who funds it, but the Service Employees International Union gave the group $50,000 in 2007 and the AFL-CIO gave $67,500 from 2006-07.