NPR logo Man Jumps From Bridge -- Doesn't Like Obama's Tax Plan


Man Jumps From Bridge — Doesn't Like Obama's Tax Plan

Well, this ad gets points for originality. A guy with a megaphone starts ranting:"Change — yeah politicians promise change." He's on top of a bridge and gets so worked up that he stands precariously on the edge of it, saying, "Politicians are playing us for fools...and we're supposed to fall for it again?"

Then he falls, screaming, to the depths below...until the Bungee Cord Of Truth catches him and he says, dangling, "Change? Before you fall for it, get the facts."

If you didn't know that was an ad against Obama, you will find out soon enough if you go to, promoted at the end of the ad. There you will find "10 Things You Need to Know About Senator Obama's Tax Proposals." (None of them is good.)

The Web site cites the nonpartisan source to attest to Obama's "willingness to raise taxes" — which might be amusing to FactCheck, since the cite is taken out of context from a report on how McCain distorts Obama's positions. Other reports contradict some assertions. is a 527 group formed in North Carolina this year after changing its name from Real Its president is Fred Eshelman, CEO of a pharmaceutical research firm. The Associated Press reports that Eshelman also bankrolls the group. Eshelman certainly can handle it — he once gave $20 million to a university pharmacy program.

Other board members include two North Carolina Republican state legislators, Fletcher Hartsell and Jeffrey Barnhart.