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MoveOn Matches Obama's Message On McCain

When put up its new anti-McCain video on YouTube a couple days ago, it issued a plea to members: "We can only get it on the air if enough of us chip in. Can you donate?"

I guess they could.

After a bunch of press that likely helped with the fundraising appeal, the ad is now up and running. It mocks McCain's habitual use of the phrase "my friends" in speeches, saying that the friends he's really referring to are the lobbyists connected to his campaign. "So when it comes to gas prices," the ad says, "John McCain won't be taking care of you. He'll be taking care of 'my friends.'"

The ad dovetails beautifully with the Obama campaign's recent push to highlight McCain's ties to lobbyists. Of course, MoveOn and Obama can't legally coordinate, but maybe Democratic minds think alike?

On the other end of the spectrum, a new conservative group called Move America Forward Freedom PAC is trying to raise money to get its own anti-Obama YouTube ad on the air. More after the jump...

The ad claims that Obama wanted to delay troop withdrawals till after the eleciton, based on a recent New York Post story disputed by the Obama campaign and some Republicans.

The PAC was started just this month, but is affiliated with a more established Sacramento-based nonprofit organization called Move America Forward. That group's leadership includes two conservative talk radio hosts and Republican strategist Sal Russo. In 2005, the nonprofit had a budget of more than $600,000.