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Clarion Responds, As New Details Emerge About "Radical Islam" DVD

We had a story on the air this morning about the mass distribution of an inflamatory DVD on radical Islam, which critics say is intended to help John McCain's presidential bid. The video documentary was blasted out by the Clarion Fund, an obscure New York-based charity.

Clarion wouldn't return our phone calls before the story aired. But today it hired a PR firm, which quickly issued this statement in response to our story:

The Clarion Fund has one goal: educate the public about the threat of Islamic terrorism. Obsession is the film opponents of free speech don't want you to see. Terrorist attacks don't distinguish between political parties- they kill everyone. America needs to know the truth about the threat without censorship.

Clarion's new voice is Hank Sheinkopf, a long-time Democratic consultant in New York, who worked on President Clinton's re-election campaign. The choice of a Democratic flak is a smart move, since critics have said Clarion is covertly trying to help elect Republican McCain. That kind of active political work would violate its 501(c)(3) charity exemption.

As we reported, one of the promoters of the DVD is Joe Wierzbicki, who is active in two anti-Obama political action committees.

One group, Move America Forward, recently produced an ad we already showcased. The other, Our Country Deserves Better PAC, just put up a Web video contending that Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin has more executive experience than Barack Obama. "All Barack Obama has ever run," it says, "has been his mouth." The video, which runs over 3 minutes, goes into a blooper reel of Obama's gaffes, tongue-tied moments and controversial comments.

More after the jump...

Earlier this week, we pointed out the Clarion Fund's ties to Aish HaTorah, a staunchly pro-Israel organization that promotes Jewish pride and helps send young Jewish Americans to Israel. The St. Petersburg Times found even more connections, including the name of an Aish employee on Clarion's bulk mailing permit. (Aish's PR consultant, however, told us today that he represents Aish only and didn't even have the phone number for Clarion.)

Meanwhile, the Inter Press Service reported that another organization, the Endowment for Middle East Truth, was also responsible for the DVD distribution. In March, the Endowment hosted a showing of "Obsession" on Capitol Hill.

Leading the Endowment is Sarah Stern, a former lobbyist for the Zionist Organization of America. She takes a hard line in defense of Israel, arguing against Israeli concessions such as land withdrawals and prisoner releases. In a recent open letter to the "next president," she warned that if tough diplomatic measures against Iran fail by the time he is inaugurated, "Mr. President, you may inherit the difficult task of easing the way for a preemptive strike."



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This and your radio story are reasons why NPR should not be getting my taxpayer dollars!

Sent by Mark S | 11:11 AM | 9-27-2008

I am sure glad you ran this story. I received it in my Sunday newspaper in Las Vegas, Nevada, a couple of weeks ago. I was thinking about how much it must have cost someone to insert these here in this city, never imagining what the extent of this was.

I have received another copy today to my postal box address. I am now very concerned about the extended efforts to push this information down my throat. And as it was, my initial dismay and feeling of disgust came when I remembered buying this from a teenager on my neighborhood street corner. I see him every Sunday reading the papers he sells so you know what he must have thought to get a 'free' CD in the paper that morning.

I am a true American citizen and fully believe in freedom of speech but the massiveness of this endeavor is frightening. There must be some way to prevent this from happening again.

Needles to say I will be contacting my local Las Vegas Review Journal to find out what the incentive was to include this in their paper. I wonder how my name and address was found for today's mail delivery at a P.O. Box?

Thank you for your reporting.

Jeannie Belleau

Sent by Jeannie Belleau | 5:34 PM | 9-27-2008

All I can do is laugh. You liberals will smear anyone who disagrees with you in the slightest. Grow up! I agree with Mark S. You guys shouldn't be getting tax dollars and won't be getting my hard earned money until you can figure out a way to present both sides of an issue not just the liberal party line.

Sent by Bill H. | 9:36 AM | 9-28-2008

NPR is the one last bastion of real journalism. Thank you for your work. Lies are lies, smears are smears, and need to be reported for what they are. Don't ever be intimidated into self-censoring the truth to avoid the ire of the noisy right wing PR machine.

Sent by CeeCee | 3:37 PM | 9-28-2008

This is excellent journalism and I commend the authors. For the detractors of this work, I suggest you analyze your stance: you don't want the message you agree with to be censored, so you decry those who question the motives behind the video, and call for them to censored.

You can't have it both ways guys.

Sent by ThsGuyRightHere | 5:47 PM | 9-28-2008

The DVD was given out to everyone who was in Denver during the Democratic Convention. I hadn't even had a chance to see it since I got back, working feverishly on organizing GOTV in our battleground neighbors, since we're safe from McCain/Palin. These people paid young folks to hand these out and the youth probably didn't even know what it was they were distributing, just as we didn't know what we were being given. Now I'll go watch Michael Moore's free movie, which I wasn't going to bother watching since I live by the message - just to get fired up to call another 100 voters tonight. You knee-jerk anti-liberals need to start thinking about who will help us after we were robbed of our national treasure by the GOP's base, who probably have all their ill-gotten gains in the Cayman Islands. Even if you can't get over your Fox-induced-hatred, start thinking about your families.

Sent by Virginia | 6:20 PM | 9-28-2008

Y'all don't like it much when your heroes get exposed do ya ...........
NPR is a shameless political action committee dedicated to electing barak bin laden. YOu have NO business being in the news business.
Y'all should just move to cuba or china with the rest of your communist friends.

Sent by Mark Lauer, USMC (Dormant) | 10:14 PM | 9-28-2008

I hope NPR continues to follow the story, including any subsequent upturn in violence against Muslims, such as the incident which occurred in Dayton on Friday.

Sent by Gus D. | 10:14 PM | 9-28-2008

I live in Dayton, OH where this DVD was distributed both in the mail as well as the local newspaper. Friday there was a chemical attack at a local Mosque in Dayton:

This is a very unfortunate incident. It is ironic that Dayton was in the national spotlight when McCain announced Sarah Palin as his VP pick, and now it is about to be in the national spotlight again because of this.

Sent by Bill | 10:53 PM | 9-28-2008

Bill H.
Will you laugh when the reich wing zealots kill a bunch of innocent Muslims? Some right wingnuts can't seem to tell the difference between an American who happens to be a Muslim, and a terrorist.

What would your opinion be should a PAC send out millions of 'Witch Hunter' DVDs and subtly alluded to Sarah Palin being a religious nutjob?

You'd do what you wingers always do, cry about how unfair it all is, how the 'left-wing' media allowed it to happen.

The right just loves to swim in hypocrisy. That or they are too stubborn to realize it IS hypocrisy.

Sent by Jay | 10:55 PM | 9-28-2008

Get this racist trash out of my newspaper. Thank you to NPR for covering this outrageous showcase of ad money for hatred. We should cancel our subscriptions to let these newspapers know that they must take a stand. Let's all grow up and stand up!

Sent by njw | 10:55 PM | 9-28-2008

The terrorist attack on Iraqi babies and children in DAYTON OHIO is a direct result of the efforts of the Clarion fund to paint all Muslims as a threat. How ironic that Iraqis are being attacked in the US while our soldiers are dying to protect them in Iraq.

Sent by Joan Donahue | 11:17 PM | 9-28-2008

Thank you NPR. You are the only one my husband listens to on the radio.
It was reported in the Dayton Daily news that because of this vile video, babies and children at a mosque in Dayton were gassed.
This appalls me
The innocent are paying for the hate mongering by the rightwing radicals.
I am tired of a whole group being persecuted because of the rabid actions of a few 7 years ago.
I do not lump all republicans in with the rabid rightwing fringies like those who produced this.
I do not lump all jewish people in with the hate mongering group that is involved in this video.
So, why are all muslims being made to pay a price for a few fringies in their religion?
American muslims are americans first and love this country and are not plotting to do any violence. But, it seems those of other religions want to tar all in because of few crazies.
The radical christian fringe that blows up abortion clinics and kill are not representative for all christians.
When are we going to separate the far fringe of groups from the peace loving and normal everyday people who just want to raise their families and work and build a nice quiet life.
When are we going to stop being bullies and promoting such hate and quit letting the fear and smear crowd control us and turn us into animals.

Sent by diane lake | 11:22 PM | 9-28-2008

Elitist bums. When McCain wins, you STILL won't understand why, will you ?

Sent by James A. | 11:35 PM | 9-28-2008

I like to know how long is the video of Senator McCain's gaffes, tongue tied moments and controversial statements.

You probably can make a movie two hours long or longer with all of his slip ups.

Sent by Anthony Miller | 11:48 PM | 9-28-2008

America - she is lost - the corporates have taken over - they rule our elected officials and our media.
When are we going to make them accountable?
The first question I have is why are corporations given the same rights as citizens. They are not citizens - they are an economic entity used to create wealth. Don't they need to follow a strict set of rules - so our voices do not get drowned out?

Sent by Wendy NYC | 11:55 PM | 9-28-2008

Bill H.,

You wouldn't recognize objective journalism if it slapped you in the face. You are like my dog when I pick up the lease, her conditioned response is to run for the door. You are so conditioned that you read a story that does not agree with you, you cry "Liberal media" boo-hoo.

Good grief. Thank you NPR for your outstanding journalism.

Sent by Ben | 12:20 AM | 9-29-2008

Thanks for this story, the ties between these groups are really remarkable.

Sent by bicycle Hussein paladin | 12:28 AM | 9-29-2008

I wouldnt be surprised if it was put out by McBush himself! We all know what a LIAR he is!


Sent by Jim Jones | 12:33 AM | 9-29-2008

Excellent Article, keep digging until you reach the end of the money stream !

Sent by Andy | 12:40 AM | 9-29-2008

Can we post the address and number of this jewish hate group?

Sent by David | 12:42 AM | 9-29-2008

Bill H. and Mark S., what are you talking about? The fact of the matter is that saying Obama is a muslim is a lie, and if a PAC is spreading that under the guise of a nonprofit organization they should be exposed.

So, you two seem pretty enraged... what's the "other side" of this issue then? That Obama is a muslim? That's already been repeatedly proven untrue by the facts. So what is the other side? Go ahead and lay it on us... because this story seems pretty straightforward to me. If there's more to it, bring it on.

Sent by Alex L. | 12:42 AM | 9-29-2008

Now is the time for NPR to earn our donations. Do your job. Follow the money. Remember Crystal Night... !

Sent by Richard Bohn | 12:48 AM | 9-29-2008

Gee, She is governor of the biggest state, but the 2nd with the SMALLEST POPULATION, North Dakota being the smallest in population. Alaska only has 700,000 people. The city of San Diego has more than a million and it on the Mexican border and you can see Mexico from the City of San Diego. Alaska does not even have a million people in the state. She sure the heck in NOT qualified to VP much less President. After watch the too few interviews she has done. I could do better than she has and I know I am not qualified to be Vice President

Sent by crow | 12:49 AM | 9-29-2008

Bill H.: doesn't have listed. Sorry buddy. No points here.

And I assumed you'd prefer your information delivered as honestly as Clarion has been doing so, eh?

Sent by Tom T. | 12:51 AM | 9-29-2008

Keep up the good work NPR! America is still great partly because good reporting catches up to the hate mongers eventually.

Sent by Freddyk | 12:52 AM | 9-29-2008

I suspect "Mark S." and "Bill H." are shills, possibly the same person. Notice the absence of rational comment about what appears to be a well funded fear campaign with ties to Israel.

"...the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country." -- Herman Goering

Sent by Mike Gotts | 12:52 AM | 9-29-2008

An interesting story. It appears that we are down to fear-mongering as an election strategy in certain anti-Obama camps.

It's quite pathetic and immoral in my opinion.

Keep revealing the truth my friends. It is our best weapon.

Sent by JRP | 12:53 AM | 9-29-2008

Bill H. and Mark S. - There isn't another side to this - reporting a lie is reporting a lie, reporting an attempt to hide behind a lie is reporting just that - what is the other side of lying? Slinging words like "liberal" around like so much fecal matter to cloud the issue is hardly addressing the issue - that a foreign entity is plainly trying to influence the American elections with effluence. ..... Whether you like him or not, smearing a candidate like this should be unacceptable to you as it is a foreign attempt to influence the people's choice and as someone smearing you would be unacceptable to Obama or McCain. They would stand up for you, as fellow Americans - why don't you have the stomach to do the same? When did cowardice become our nations heritage? Will you pass that down to your children? Stand up for Americans, especially when it is not an American that is trying to throw one under the bus.

Sent by Drew R. - NYC Indie and VET | 12:53 AM | 9-29-2008

Within a week of this DVD being distributed in Ohio, somebody in Dayton sprayed a "chemical irritant" into a mosque where Ramadan meal and prayers were being conducted. 300 people in there. Women and children, man. This movie is inciting people to violence. I'm wondering if Clarion can be considered culpable (if the perps are caught and confess the movie's influence). I hope NPR will cover this incident. You can read the article at the Dayton Daily News website:

Sent by yp972 | 12:54 AM | 9-29-2008

Excellent story and one we should all be very concerned about. There is no "liberal bias" here, this is a news item, that everyone should hear about. Some people with a lot of money are very worried about Obama, and what it means for their actions.

Sent by buuba | 12:54 AM | 9-29-2008

"All I can do is laugh. You liberals will smear anyone who disagrees with you in the slightest. Grow up!" So I'll do the same back to you, because we conservatives are innocent!

Sent by ordinaryradical | 12:56 AM | 9-29-2008

This taxpayer appreciates your story

Sent by Proud American Mom | 12:59 AM | 9-29-2008

Keep up the great work!

This Rove-ian tactic can be traced all the way back to Bush's run for governor in Texas when they plastered cars in church parking lots with papers making crazy false claims about then-governor Richards.

I encourage you to look for any similar actions being performed by the Obama side.

Sent by Barnaby | 1:00 AM | 9-29-2008

Where do people get all this energy to be so hateful?

Sent by Gramma61 | 1:04 AM | 9-29-2008

So calling out the facts, which is apparently obtained from public records, is considered liberal biased? Bad news for you then, it seems reality has something of a liberal bias. If Bush accidentally said "2 x 2 = 5" and someone called him out on it, would you still complain?

If anything, this seems to suggest those DVDs are not the work of the GOP or McCain's campaign as some people might suspect. I don't get why people are upset.

Sent by Anonymous | 1:04 AM | 9-29-2008

Where do people get all this energy to be so hateful?

Sent by Gramma61 | 1:04 AM | 9-29-2008

Israel has their own versions of Dick Cheney and the Neocons.

They remember almost being wiped out.

Now this guy on their doorstep wants nukes and has already said he wants to use them to wipe Israel off the map.

Plus some feel (and I agree) that this nut in Iran might have some messiah complex, and that he might not be thinking very rationally.

So now we get Neocon Israelis doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to protect Israel... Israel = Home.

The "WHATEVER IT TAKES" part is the problem.

It is a problem we have to start dealing with, because America is OUR country, and OUR responsiblity, not theirs.

We are Americans, our destiny is our own.

We must not allow anyone else to control our destiny.

Particularly a group of people as totally freaked as Israelis Neocons.

Think about how nuts Dick Cheney got when terrorist blew up the WTC.

Imagine what the Israeli version of Dick Cheney would be like after almost getting wiped out by the Nazis, finally creating a national home, then having the entire arab world constantly trying to kill them, and now this nut job with a nuke.

We are dealing with some freaked out people that would do ANYTHING to keep their family safe... including using the American policial system as a gigantic lever to make things happen in the world that may help protect Israel.

Would you do anything different? They know what they need to do and they're doing it. Good for them.

So, America, it's time to take this issue on. We cannot ignore it any longer.

Afraid of someone calling you anti-semite? You should be, because that's an easy way to stop you from taking onwership of your own country.

Prepare to be belittled, degraded, and besmirtched also. It's all coming.

We must be strong.

We will NOT tolerate prejudice against Jews or anyone else, but neither will be surrender control of our own destiny to people who are so freaked out they can barely think straight.

Sent by D. Schmus | 1:10 AM | 9-29-2008

Thanks for the great investigative reporting NPR!

"The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself."

Sent by J. Laskoff | 1:41 AM | 9-29-2008

These are the idiots who believe the former president of the Harvard Law Review and Constitutional Law Lecturer at Univ. of Chicago Law School (where I saw is lecturer; the guy is a book of knowledge on the constitution) is a terrorist-related Muslim. (Note the non-English; or what he might say "Speak American!")

Y'all don't like it much when your heroes get exposed do ya ...........
NPR is a shameless political action committee dedicated to electing barak bin laden. YOu have NO business being in the news business.
Y'all should just move to cuba or china with the rest of your communist friends.

Sent by Mark Lauer

You are a degenerate; like the rest who believe he is a terrorist Muslim.

Sent by bob | 1:43 AM | 9-29-2008

Will: What's critical here is not so much identifying the organization behind the video mailing (though that IS important). Rather it's identifying the individual Jewish Republican donor who is behind the mailing. No organization has the $15-50 million it's been estimated that such a mailing project would cost. It comes fr. an indvidual or group of individuals. Is it Sheldon Adelson, Irving Moskowitz? They are closely identified w. a number of key figures in this story. Or is it someone else? The key thing is it's a person, not a group. The person is only using the group as a front for their political dirty tricks.

Sent by Richard Silverstein | 2:23 AM | 9-29-2008

I AM SICK AND TIRED of people using Israel and United states as Synonyms! Our duty is first and foremost towards the benefit of OUR COUNTRY AMERICA and NOT ISRAEL!! I don't see Israel worrying about our country that much. Look at their papers and news!! They are ready to fight Iran to the very last American. Fellow Americans WAKE UP.. our lives are ours to choose how we will use them but our freedom is not ours!! it was entrusted to us by our parents and thus we must pass it on to our children.

Sent by A TRUE AMERICAN | 2:25 AM | 9-29-2008

Good Work! I hope this story gets some legs and hits the big TV news channels. So much of what they broadcast is infotainment and not information. This country has been caught up in the Left vs. Right amoral political fight for so long that we have forgotten that the politicians should react to the publics agenda and try to pull the public to theirs. The accusations of political bias at NPR have been baseless. I would suggest anyone who thinks otherwise check out It is unfortunate that reality does favor Democrats this election but Republicans will not head back towards the center until they really get trounced. I have been surprised that so many of the far right have stuck with the Republican party these last few years. For four years you had the best chance ever at over-turning Roe .v Wade and adopting a Federal Ban on Gay marriage. Yet with a highly conservative president and congress as well as the Supreme Court stacked in 5-4 conservatively, nothing of the sort happened. Instead the extremely wealthy ran away with the piggy bank. Wake up! If you cannot support a Democrat at least stop getting the wool pulled over your eyes. Obama is not perfect but make an effort to see what his and Mcain's policy differences are. Use actual information to base your decisions on! Neither candidate is a terrorist nor will open this country to attack, but they do have distinct differences in ideology. Be wary of promises base on revoking rights and priveleges that have already been settled law. It is very hard to strip away protection already granted and reverse court cases already decided. Last of all be furious at people like the Clarion group or any liberal counterpart who look to subjugate you to their agenda by inciting hatred and fear.

Sent by Doug L. | 3:02 AM | 9-29-2008

This election is going to get really dirty. I have a feeling we haven't seen anything yet.

Sent by Keith | 3:11 AM | 9-29-2008

Christians have begun committing terrorist attacks against Muslims on US homeland territory. Meanwhile the Israel lobbies are trying to get Mccain elected because Mccain will help defend Israel by sending supplies and money, and helping Israel wrongfully occupy Palestine.

I can't believe no other news channel is covering the "terrorist attacks" committed on that Mosque. Had it been a church, and the perpetrators were Jewish or Muslim - I can guarantee you they would call it a terrorist attack.

I'm not muslim, I'm not christian, I'm not jewish. And I approve this message.

Sent by Jacob Horrison | 5:32 AM | 9-29-2008

I have received one of these DVD's in my mail and I was not happy. I was a proud republican most of my voting life until Bush entered office. Ever since, he and his ZOG buddies have injected their filth into our American way of life.
I wish Clarion offices were closer to my home. I would LOVE to show them in person what I think of their ZOG idealism.

Sent by David Irving | 7:30 AM | 9-29-2008

"If Bush accidentally said "2 x 2 = 5" and someone called him out on it, would you still complain?"

Of course 2 x 2 = 5, but only for very large values of 2.

Sent by captnkurt | 7:43 AM | 9-29-2008

Wow... Some of these comments contain so much hate, what is wrong with these people. I have to admit, I was somewhat outraged when I saw several copies of this video arrive at my house (Ohio).

I have known way too many Muslim's to buy into this propaganda and find it repugnant that they would send it to my house. It falls right in there with NeoNazi hate speech, KKK racism and although most Americans don't want to recognize it, radical Fundamental Christian hate speech.

However, this is America and the First Amendment still stands for freedom so the people that created this have the right to spew this crap but I sure don't want it in my mail or in my newspaper. All I can say is thank god there are still a few real journalists that are willing investigate and expose these hate mongers that are trying to spread lies and fear.

I'm glad my tax dollars support NPR and I will continue to support my local NPR station during their fund drives. Keep up the good work and you should be proud that you've gotten under these fascists skin.

Sent by Dave | 7:43 AM | 9-29-2008

Right away you were quick to say that this is "said" to help McCain. We don't know that, do we? We have no statement from the Clarion that "we were intending to help McCain and hurt Obama". You need to stay away from those assumptions - you should be unbiased in your reporting because that's what makes GOOD reporting. The rest of the article wasn't so bad, but jumping to that conclusion early on made me very skeptical that the rest of your facts were even correct - or facts at all and not just assumptions. That piece of information tying McCain's party to this isn't fact, and it wasn't even necessary to your article. It should've been left out. Now, if the tables were turned, and this was an attack on, say, Christian faith, and Obama was tied to it - would you have left that out, or included that assumption? Yep. Bias.

Sent by JKJ | 8:11 AM | 9-29-2008

Reality has a liberal bias. Thanks NPR for the good journalism. Many news organizations are not able to investigate a story like this. Good job!

Sent by Alan | 8:33 AM | 9-29-2008

This article is an example of why our tax dollars should be spent on NPR.

Sent by Lenny Jameson | 8:36 AM | 9-29-2008

I still can't get my head around how people will talk about Rev. Jerimiah Wright in one breath, and then profess to believe that Obama is a Muslim in the next....

Sent by Sean | 8:48 AM | 9-29-2008

Wonderful propaganda that this Pro-Jewish funded group is putting out. All this is for one and one thing and one thing only: to generate a climate of intolerance, hate, and fear.

Clarion Fund well done, I'm sure Joseph Goebbels would be proud.

Sent by Rolls G. | 9:42 AM | 9-29-2008

This is in response to buuba, Anonymous and the rest of the people posting here resisting "liberal media bias". It is much harder to see media bias in what they cover, but it is as plain as the nose on your face in what they DO NOT report. Where is it reported that three of Obama's cabinet members are formerly top executives in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that made off with millions of dollars while leading the companies into bankruptcy? Where is the reporting on how life is returning to normal in Iraq? How the average population is actually happier now than when Saddam was in charge? It is easy to see media bias when the New York Times would print an op-ed written by Barack Obama but would not print an op-ed by John McCain. It is easy to see media bias when top anchors from the three major networks follow Barack Obama around the Mid-East and Europe like love groupies in a 60s acid-fest but won't send a fledgling reporter to follow the other candidate on similar news worthy trips.

Then again, it's not easy to see it when you just don't want to.

Sent by Charles M | 10:15 AM | 9-29-2008

I think it is funny how an article about the distribution of an anti-Muslim video becomes the soap-box for political views on how crazy the liberals and conservatives are. Keep it up guys, this is a really informed political discussion.

Sent by Jared B | 10:40 AM | 9-29-2008

The mental environment of Americans is awash with half truths, hyperbole, and most insidious lies. I have become sickened by the mainstream media, specifically Mr. Murdoch and his war of propaganda. I will never submit to fear, and fear is what he sells.

Are we so foolish to daily immerse ourselves into this cesspool of purchased pundits and jesters posing as purveyors of truth. HA. Terrorists are real, however they are not brown skinned bombers but blue eyed businessmen determined to profit by manipulation. There is a war greater and more dangerous than any we have ever encountered. A war were dollars are bullets and consumers are soldiers, and the prize is your complacency. The American dream is freedom. So free your mind from the tyranny of those that taught you to fear the unknown.

"The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself." Its an American prophecy and we are living it.

Sent by Grier | 11:14 AM | 9-29-2008

Another donation made to Obama. I also made another pledge to my local NPR affiliate.

Sent by William in Indiana | 11:16 AM | 9-29-2008

Israel is smart, why should it do any work when it can have its puppet kill its enemy and vise versa.

Americans are stupid, gullible and easily brainwashed and the Zionists are taking advantage.

They dont check their sources, they dont realize that the people who create hate like this DVD that was released, was only created to further their own agenda and not help you.

People believe everything they are told and don't try to question it or find proof to substantiate it.
The "Wipe Israel off the map" comment was a mistranslation.

Iran does not have Nukes

Heres a news flash: Noone is targeting America, the 9/11 attacks are a fluke. A once in a lifetime thing. Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine couldn't care any less about the American culture. But Israel and its zionist leaders want you to believe otherwise. They want to distract you from the atrocities that they are committing to the Palestinians, and if those who aren't distracted tried to call them out, they will be called terrorists.

Sent by Adam.S | 11:17 AM | 9-29-2008

I'm not sure why some commentors are so negative to this story. NPR is just listing facts (people, organizational ties, etc). You can make up your own decision after that, which is what real journalism is about. To complain that NPR shouldn't get tax payer dollars just because you don't like the news is nuts.

Sent by Jon K. | 11:21 AM | 9-29-2008

Facts do not have a political bias. If Obama, McCain, Palin, or Biden misspeak reporting it shows no political bias. If a PAC takes inflammatory actions it is not political bias. Good reporting of the facts has no bias. This article describes the material they send out, shows the video, and describes their associations with other organizations. The article approaches the group with a healthy skepticism that should be used with respect to all political parties and groups. The only slight hints of the authors opinion that show is the description of the video as inflammatory which I think most reasonable people would agree with.

Sent by Nick | 11:47 AM | 9-29-2008

Use your brains people. If you're scared of Islamic terrorists now, try reading "The End of Faith" by Sam Harris and you might learn something. This video is just more of the same scare tactics used to try and get you to vote Republican.

Sent by Brandon | 11:50 AM | 9-29-2008

Thank you for all your hard work especially during these trying times.

Sent by Jared Woock | 11:51 AM | 9-29-2008

It saddens me to see innocent Americans being brainwashed by some people with hate and big pockets.
They should not forget, that We the Americans are learning now and their money and proaganda of hate won't work in the long run.
Long live the USA

Sent by Jim Akhtar | 12:38 PM | 9-29-2008

I normally don't comment on the internet, but in this case I feel I have to make an exception. I am honestly shocked. As a lifelong Republican who has voted for Republican or Libertarian candidates in every election since I reached voting age 25 years ago I must say that I am scared by the willingness of fellow conservatives to condemn honest journalistic muckraking. Have we abandoned our ideals to such a degree that we actually support filth like this DVD? Sometimes you have to stand up for the truth even if it means you were wrong or have to swallow your pride a bit. As a conservative living in New York, I can tell you that I've had to swallow a lot of pride in my day and am a better person because of it. Conservatives, we need to come to our senses. I have not yet decided who I will be voting for this November, but trash like this is not helping McCain's case and seeing so many people who supposedly believe in the same conservative principles I believe in howl against good journalism is an eye-opening experience. I'm someone who has vehemently opposed public funding for NPR in past years. That doesn't change the fact that shady political propaganda should be exposed to the light of day so people can make informed decisions when they vote. I hope all sensible American's can at least agree on that.

Sent by James K. | 1:03 PM | 9-29-2008

It is the same ole Karl Rove politics that they have had since the necons came on the scene. I always smile when people attack NPR or PBS when in fact, it is one of the few sources of real news. Who else other than Jim Lehrer could have moderated the debate with the skill he did.

Sent by gin arnold | 1:20 PM | 9-29-2008

You know something is not right when Karl Rove says that the smear campaign from the right has gone too far. The United States needs to start looking out for her own citizens. There are too many of us who are having a very hard time finding work because their field of expertise has now been shipped overseas for cheaper labor.

As a conservative, I find it reprehensible that we are looking out for the benefit for only a few (upper elite). We should be looking out for the majority of the citizens. We should also be looking to punish those who abuse the system.

Sent by Eric | 1:21 PM | 9-29-2008

As a conservative, I find it reprehensible that we are looking out for the benefit for only a few (upper elite). We should be looking out for the majority of the citizens. We should also be looking to punish those who abuse the system.
Sent by Eric
Thank you Eric. It's good to hear a conservative without the venomous baby talk.

No one party can not do it alone and this constant mudslinging back and forth will do us NO good.

Sent by BillM. | 3:10 PM | 9-29-2008

Thank you NPR for all you do. We need and deserve smart journalistic resources like National Public Radio.

Keep up the good work!

Sent by Ginny | 4:57 PM | 9-29-2008

Facts don't have a bias. Report the truth and let the chips fall where they may. Good reporting NPR, Mr. Evans!

Sent by Pete from NJ | 5:03 PM | 9-29-2008

"Charles M"

Two words: Rick Davis.

Hilarious that would just make up something like that.

Sent by Tecolote | 5:21 PM | 9-29-2008

Let's not forget the radical Christianity that spawned Adolf Hitler!

Sent by Stephen Kriz | 5:35 PM | 9-29-2008


Sent by Brad | 6:11 PM | 9-29-2008

goodness.... this is the best that the attack dogs of the Lie, Cheat and Steal Party can come up with? It's nearly incoherent it is so badly edited. Oh well, no matter, the whole ideology of the Lie, Cheat and Steal party is going down in flames as the empty suit that it really is. Too bad it has to take America down with it. Guess that's what happens when the majority takes to drinking Kool-Aide.

Sent by norman scott | 6:23 PM | 9-29-2008

I received that same DVD here in Summerfield, Florida. I watched it, and could do nothing but shake my head and wonder at the kind of people it would take to put so much money into fomenting hate.

I took it out of DVD drive of my computer and threw it in the trash.

Sent by Sandra Webster | 7:40 PM | 9-29-2008

This Anon is amused by the average level of idiocy in the responses to this story. From the rabid neo-con attack dogs, to the attempts by moderates and liberals to shut them up, your average intelligence has seemed to drop. Though some of you have made good points, they are overshadowed by the rampant stupidity of the rest. And you also wandered away from the topic.

On that note: kudos to all the news outlets willing to call fearmongering what it is -- including NPR.

Sent by Anonymous | 9:04 PM | 9-29-2008

Thank you so much for following up on this story. Clarion isn't trying to educate; it's spreading hate -- plain and simple. They are as much of a terrorist group as the people they accuse of the same deed.

Sent by Krissi D | 5:42 AM | 9-30-2008

Great story.. Now if only someone would release a DVD of christian terrorism.

Sent by Eric Keeton | 8:46 AM | 9-30-2008

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