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Pushing Back On Anti-Union Ads

Remember all those ads lambasting Democrats for wanting to get rid of secret ballots in union elections? Well, here comes the pro-labor response...

The union-funded group American Rights At Work launched a national TV ad campaign this week trumpeting the Employee Free Choice Act, which supporters say will help workers join unions without corporate harassment. Detractors say it will make it harder for workers to stand up to unions.

Unlike the opposition's ads — which skewer Democratic Senate candidates for squelching workers' rights — the opening ad of this campaign (below) doesn't mention any candidates. But expect more pointed ads on the horizon.

American Rights At Work plans upcoming ads in — what do you know? — Senate battleground states: Oregon, Alaska, Louisiana, Mississippi, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Maine. According to the group, "The state-based ads will focus on educating the public on the positions of political leaders, and urging the public to call them to express their support for the legislation in the Senate." It's the perfect recipe for campaign-related ads.