NPR logo SEIU, Planned Parenthood Come To Obama's Aid


SEIU, Planned Parenthood Come To Obama's Aid

The McCain-Palin ticket advances. Obama-Biden starts slipping. Enter Obama's outside helpers...

Helper #1:

The Service Employees International Union, an incredibly politically connected and active union, announced a $2 million ad buy in swing states against McCain.

The ad hammers McCain on the economy, using a quote of him saying "I know a lot less about economics." Then it shows Obama touting his plan to cut taxes for middle class families.

The ad is clearly meant to counter the fact that, according to polls, many people who would get tax breaks under Obama's plan tend to believe he will raise their taxes. It will run in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Mexico, Iowa and Wisconsin.

Helper #2:

Planned Parenthood Action Fund took it upon itself to defend Obama against a recent McCain attack ad claiming that the Democrat's only education-related accomplishment was a bill to teach sex education to kindergardners. The McCain ad was debunked by

Planned Parenthood's response ad points out that the sex education bill aimed to help kids avoid molestation by teaching them about inappropriate touching. The ad then poses the question: Is McCain "just another politician who will say anything to get elected?" (It's rhetorical.)

A spokesperson for the group says the ad (below) is running in Pittsburgh and Denver — and will keep running as long as the McCain ad is on the air.