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Americas Majority

Spanish-Language Ads Bash Obama, Support McCain

UPDATE 09/17/08: Read transcripts of the Americas Majority ads here.

A Kansas Republican activist known for controversial ads targeting minority groups is producing numerous Spanish-language radio and TV advertisements criticizing Obama and supporting McCain.

Richard Nadler runs Americas Majority, a 501c4 organization that produced several radio ads for broadcast next week in Wisconsin, Iowa, Kentucky and Ohio. The group also has TV ads scheduled to run in Wisconsin.

The ads criticize Obama for his votes on Latin American free trade agreements, his opposition to school vouchers, and his position on corporate taxes. One ad, accusing Obama of "playing games" with immigration reform, says in Spanish, "Call Senator Obama. Tell him that we need comprehensive immigration reform now — not delays that endanger millions of Latinos."

On the flip side, Nadler is also behind PLR PAC, a political action committee founded this year to "promote support for Republican candidates among Latino voters." The PAC's Spanish-language ads boost McCain by positioning him as the Republican who stood up to real "enemies" like anti-illegal immigration crusader Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO).

Nadler won't say where Americas Majority gets its funding, but records show it received $280,000 from Americas Pac in 2006. Nadler founded Americas Pac, a 527 organization, and now serves as its treasurer; it received $100,000 in 2008 from Wisconsin businessman Terry Kohler, who formerly served on the Republican National Committee and has been a financial backer of the Club for Growth. In 2006, Americas Pac received $900,000 from Woodland Group LLC, which has been tied to the late insurance executive and conservative donor-activist J. Patrick Rooney.

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Nadler promotes conservative causes to Jews, Latinos and African-Americans. His group cheered on immigration reform supported by President Bush and McCain but opposed by many conservatives.

He's also taken some flak over the years. Americas Pac provoked controversy in 2006 for ads that tied Democrats to white supremacist David Duke and implied that Democrats support the abortion of African-American fetuses. The group made news in 2004 with similar ads that reportedly said, "Democrats say they want our votes. Why don't they want our children?"

In 2002, Nadler produced an ad saying that Democrats think "blacks owe reparations to whites;" the ad was rejected by the conservative political action committee that commissioned it. Perhaps Nadler's most controversial ad dates back to 2000. It conflated drugs and violence in school with "diversity," and was condemned by prominent Republicans. Nadler's current ads aren't anywhere near as controversial.

John Altevogt is communications director for Americas Majority and president of PLR PAC. A real estate agent, he used to be associate vice chair of the Kansas Republican Party.