NPR logo Union Casts McCain As Guardian Of Wal-Mart Profits


Union Casts McCain As Guardian Of Wal-Mart Profits

Just as John McCain tries to make his case to the working-class families of swing states like Michigan, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union has unleashed a new ad casting him as the champion of corporate giveaways.

The ad targets McCain's plan for corporate tax breaks, saying Wal-Mart will net $1.5 billion. It concludes "More Bush-style corporate tax breaks. That's John McCain's solution for America's economy. But isn't that part of the problem?"

The ad will air in Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. It's part of the union's campaign.

UFCW, which claims 1.3 million members, also helps fund Patriot Majority, which is going after Republicans in congressional races. In 2007, the union gave $70,000 to American Rights At Work, which is currently running ads against vulnerable Republican senators.

Also in 2007, the union gave $275,000 to America's Agenda: Health Care for All, which has a spin-off praising Democrats and Republicans in ads around the country.