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New Group Adds To Din On Obama's Abortion Record

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A brand-new nonprofit organization with a classic attack-group name is airing TV ads in battleground states knocking Obama on his abortion stance.

The Committee for Truth in Politics, which was incorporated just one week ago in North Carolina, is running the ad in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin [and North Carolina]. Showing images of a cooing, yawning baby, the ad says, "Sen. Obama, why did you vote against protecting infants that survive late-term abortions, not once but four times?" It concludes, "Call Senator Obama. Tell him to stop trying to overturn these basic human rights."

The ad echoes the recent message of Born Alive Truth, an Illinois 527 organization.

The incorporator and sole director of the Committee for Truth is NC attorney Bill Peaslee, formerly the chief of staff, legal counsel and political director for the North Carolina Republican Party.

This year he was a delegate to the Republican National Convention. He told the Charlotte Observer that his first choice for president was Mike Huckabee: "Is (McCain) the candidate I wanted? No. But I'll vote for him. And I know he's going to be a lot better than Barack Obama."

Peaslee also incorporated another group at the same time as the Committee for Truth in Politics. It's called the Committee for a Balanced Congress.



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