NPR logo McCain's "Waterloo"?


McCain's "Waterloo"?

It probably doesn't mean much to folks in Pennyslvania or Ohio, but in the battleground state of Colorado, John McCain's remarks on a multi-state water contract were a big deal. The League of Conservation Voters, which is essentially the political arm of the environmental movement, wants to make sure voters don't forget the controversy.

In August, McCain suggested his interest in re-negotiating the Colorado River Compact, which determines how states such as McCain's Arizona share the river's water with other states along the river. Just for instance: Colorado. Not only were Democrats in the Centennial State incensed — Republican Senate candidate Bob Schaffer said McCain would get his re-negotiaton "over my cold, dead, political carcass." McCain backtracked, saying he wouldn't seek a re-negotiation, but one newspaper columnist suggested the issue could become McCain's "Waterloo."

The League of Conservation Voters' new ad proclaims, "Water — Colorado can't live without it. And John McCain wants to take it from us." The ad includes a clip of McCain telling Colorado voters, "Thank you for the water, thank you for the water." That bit actually came from McCain's attempt to allay concerns about his water comments. Oh well.