Committee For Misleading In Politics?

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Obama has a soft spot in his heart for sex offenders; the Committee for Truth in Politics says so.

The group, as we noted before, was created by a North Carolina GOP operative and is represented by a Republican lawyer in a suit against the Federal Election Commission.

Its new ad shows images of children, followed by a photo of Obama next to an opening prison door. "In the Illinois Senate, Barack Obama was the only member that voted to allow early release for convicted sexual abusers," it says.

Odd move for an ambitious politician? You bet. The Politico reports that Obama did indeed vote in the interests of the little-noticed sex-offender accident. He corrected the vote the same day.

As Politico notes, Obama even wrote in his book, The Audacity of Hope, that his advisor, David Axelrod, said the accidental vote would likely be grist for a future attack ad.

Maybe someone at the Committee for Truth in Politics read Obama's book?



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